Step into Mamsen's in the Explorers' Lounge onboard Viking’s ocean ships. This venue, named after Ragnhild “Mamsen” Hagen, was designed to evoke all the pleasures of Norwegian culture, as well as authentic Scandinavian fare.

Sample authentic tastes of Norway, starting with the sweet scent of the traditional heart-shaped waffles (always available) for which every Norwegian family has a fiercely protected recipe, to open faced sandwiches, and Norwegian specialty cakes and pastries.

And true to Norwegian tradition, should you fancy a late snack, cured meats and ertesuppe (pea soup) are served as the midnight hour approaches. 

Everything about Mamsen's was inspired by her love of quality food and need for perfection. Just as her kitchen was a safe harbour for all her family, the restaurant named for her is an inviting corner of the ship where you can linger with friends and family. Bathed in light washing through floor-to-ceiling windows and dotted with comfortable seating arrangements, it's a bright space where you can renew and refresh and share stories of your travels.

Best of all, the dishes on Mamsen's menu originate from her very own kitchen, all served on the same tableware that served our family for almost a century!