Traditional Norwegian food, according to my grandmother's recipes, is what we share with guests at Mamsen's, on board our ocean ships.

My grandmother's kitchen celebrated tradition and healthy, home cooked food. In the winter, when the sun hardly rose, she made hearty soups and stews from scratch. In the summer, when the sun hardly set, we ate lighter fare of cured meats and fish, and open-faced sandwiches which we call smørbrød. And year round, the special treats were her heart-shaped waffles, for which every grandmother in Norway has her own fiercely protected recipe, served with typical Norwegian brown goat cheese, or delicious homemade jams.

The bond between a grandparent and grandchild is irreplaceable. My grandmother, humble and hardworking, was my mentor and my best friend. From being the safe lap to sit on, to being the safe harbour bereft of any judgement. Her kitchen represented that safe harbour, and the dishes on this menu originate from that very kitchen.

Should you join us onboard any of our ocean ships: Velkommen til bords! Welcome to the table! We hope you enjoy this little taste of Norway in memory of my grandmother Ragnhild, otherwise known as "Mamsen."